Kids on Point & YEScarolina Join to Offer Summer Startup Camp

Charleston Non-Profit Organizations Kids on Point and YEScarolina Team Up for Summer Programming


Charleston, SC — YEScarolina has joined with Charleston-based non-profit Kids on Point to offer a YES Startup Camp this summer. The YES Startup Summer Camp will be led by YEScarolina Entrepreneurship teacher Bill Joy, trained on the Seed Spot Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum he will be teaching and held at the College of Charleston. The goal is to provide an opportunity to underserved youth in the Charleston community who may not have access to Entrepreneurship classes during the regular school year.

The entrepreneurship program will teach students about social entrepreneurship and is part of a longer 6-week program offered by Kids on Point. The Kids on Point Summer Program is a 6-week summer experience for 120 underserved students- K-12 at the College of Charleston, June 24th to August 2nd. The program focuses on academics and includes hands-on and enrichment opportunities that expose
students to the arts, athletics, health and wellness, environment, and college and career access. Additionally, The Kids on Point Summer Program will feature guests speakers and include various field trips, including trips to The Gibbes Museum, Birds of Prey, and Charleston Community Parks.

Programs partnerships such as this one are in desperate need at this time.  South Carolina schools, ranking 48th in the nation (Teach for America), are amidst an educational crisis highlighted by stark contrasts in public education. Among the many differences is the disparity of opportunity afforded to schools in affluent neighborhoods versus high poverty districts. Despite a healthy statewide economy demonstrating growth and low unemployment rates, South Carolina has one of the highest poverty rates nationally (15.4%), ranking 42nd in the nation.  This leaves nearly a quarter of our South Carolinian children living below the federal poverty rate (

This year’s camp is already full, reinforcing the need for partnerships such as these in the Charleston community and our state as a whole.


For 10 years, Kids On Point has offered free year-round support for underserved youth throughout the Charleston community. Our goal is simple: to transform young people’s lives by immersing them throughout elementary, middle, and high school in a program of academics, athletics, mentoring, and service to others. Kids On Point works with students year round and we noticed our students missing-out on summer learning because of barriers such as program costs, transportation, parental work schedules, and childcare gaps. Many other community partners noticed the same thing and a coalition
was formed to create a high-quality summer learning experience that addressed these barriers.