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*******Before you order or purchase the course please create an account (username and password), if you buy the course without an account we will not be able to give you access to the course until you create one. Once the account is created and payment is received, please forward your username to erutiri@yescarolina.com.*******

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Rate Card and Ordering Information

Subscription to YEScarolina Online Entrepreneurship Certification Teacher Training Program

YEScarolina is South Carolina’s leading organization to offer a certification opportunity that will transform your entrepreneurship course into an experiential learning environment. It is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education as a required credential for staff members in the instructional programs of South Carolina’s public schools. This online entrepreneurship teacher training program will provide experiential lessons, course standards alignment with lessons and textbook, business plan template, and business plan competition instructions. You will have all the materials needed to provide a relevant, meaningful, and engaging entrepreneurship curriculum to high school students. In this training, we will model the YEScarolina project-based training methods.

Educational Subscription Rates

A one-year individual subscription to YEScarolina is available at 235.00. You will have completed a 26-hour online training program that benefits you in so many ways and also earns a certificate of completion. Your certification training will include seat-time renewal credits, a required credential, and an unpacked curriculum that models project-based learning with relevant and real-world activities to teach entrepreneurship. The best news is that it gets even better – with groups of 10 or more there is discount pricing.

Group Pricing

For groups of 10 or more, YEScarolina offers discount pricing.

Number of InstructorsPrice per InstructorAnnual Price

Ordering Information

YEScarolina accepts several forms of payment including check, or any major credit/debit card and EFT payment.

If paying by check, please mail payment to YEScarolina at:

YEScarolina, Online Teacher Training Program
171 Church Street, Suite 212
Charleston, SC 29401

Along with your payment, include the following information:

  1.  Your school or organization name.
  2.  Your school or organization address.
  3.  Primary contact name.
  4.  Your primary contact’s e-mail address.
  5.  The number of instructors your subscription will cover.
  6.  The annual subscription rate quoted by YEScarolina or calculated from our rate card.

If paying through eTapestry, please use the form below to complete your purchase.

As soon as payment is received, we will send an activation key to the person designated as the primary contact. The primary contact will give the activation key to instructors, who will use it to activate their accounts. The activation key method allows every instructor to keep his or her existing YEScarolina account and it gives the primary contact flexibility in determining which faculty to assign the activation key to.

If you have any questions about rates or the ordering process, please contact us at erutiri@yescarolina.com.