Executive Director

A 1995 graduate of an exemplary youth program Upward Bound inspired Tracy Bradshaw to pursue a career in the field of youth work. Tracy has devoted the last two decades towards alleviating the effects of poverty on youth in rural western NY. She innovatively designed nationally recognized programs that met community needs while incorporating youth voice.  As an advocate and experienced leader, her focus is on strengths-based servant leadership. She is excited for the opportunity to forward the mission of YEScarolina.








President of Programs 

Eva Rutiri is the President of Programs with YEScarolina.  Eva is a graduate of Winthrop University, where she received a B.S. in marketing education and M.Ed. in secondary education.

After graduation, Eva launched her teaching career in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at North Mecklenburg High School as a marketing education teacher located in Huntersville, NC.  Her passion for travel and teaching abroad took her to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the information technology teacher/coordinator for an international school. Her next transition brought her closer to home in Charleston teaching at a charter school and later at West Ashley High School.  She served as a business education teacher and taught entrepreneurship and other business and computer-related courses.  She was recognized for her talents in the classroom and was awarded the 2011 Charleston County Teacher of the Year at the Riverdogs game which included a Volvo for a year and meeting Bill Murray at the game.

Her personal and professional travels have taken her to fifty countries and six continents including cultural exchange opportunities as a marketing and business educator in Moscow, Russia and Bornholm, Denmark.

Eva brings an educational perspective to YEScarolina and a wealth of experience to the organization as a certified YEScarolina entrepreneurship teacher of twelve years with a host of regional, state, and national student winners in the business plan competitions.  She is passionate about serving this supportive role for career and technology teachers across the state.  Eva, along with the team, will provide entrepreneurship teachers with the tools to be successful in the classroom by delivering methods and best practices of YEScarolina’s engaging and hands-on curriculum.  She is recently retired from CCSD after 32 years in the classroom and lives in West Ashley with her husband, Art Rutiri, currently employed at Boeing in Charleston and a two-time USAFR veteran.


YEScarolina Founder

Jimmy Bailey has a recurring theme in his life: People can achieve great success given the tools and the chance. In addition to YEScarolina, Jimmy served as a three term elected S.C. State House Representative and President of Bailey and Associates, a commercial real estate firm.

Since his retirement from the SC State House of Representatives, Jimmy Bailey has actively supported the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in South Carolina with the belief that entrepreneurship can connect young people to our community and the workplace. Since 2004, YEScarolina has provided entrepreneurial training to over 800 teachers in South Carolina using an innovative entrepreneurship curriculum thus impacting over 16,00 students.

In addition to his elections to the S.C. House of Representatives, Jimmy counts among his achievements five years as a football coach at Hazel Parker playground. He has served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, as chairman of the City of Charleston Recreation Department, as co-chairman of the United Negro College Fund Drive, as chairman of the Local Development Corporation, as a member of the City Planning and Zoning Commission, as a member on the City Board of Adjustment, as one of first members of The S.C. Education Lottery Commission, as a member of The South Carolina Review Board for Excellence, as Chairman of The S.C. Grants Review Board, as Chairman of The Charleston Memorial Firemen’s Commission.

Jimmy is a devoted family man, friend, and neighbor.

Board of Directors

YEScarolina- Emeritus Founder, Former President & Executive Director
- Board Chairman
TOMMY B. BAKER - Emeritus Founding Member
Baker Motor Company, Owner & President
WILLIAM A. HALL - Emeritus Member
-Hall Management Group, Owner
- Emeritus Member

- Atlantic Coast Advisory Group, President
LENWOOD HOWELL Southern First Bank, Executive Vice PresidentPAUL HULSEY- Emeritus Founding Member

WILL JAMIESON, Stre.am Live Inc & The Q-Live Trivia, Chief Executive Officer PAUL HEINAUER
Glasspro, Owner
C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation, Director
PAUL KITCHIN Anson Asset Group, LLC
NISE LOWELL Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union, Employer and Public Relations Officer
JOHN MISTRETTA Blackbaud, Executive Vice-President, Human ResourcesMELODY WEINSTEIN SHEMTOV
Butcher & Bee, The Daily, Mellow Mushroom, Workshop, Director of Brand Innovation
SnapCap, Director
ADAM WITTY Advantage Media Group / Forbes Books, President & CEODOUGLAS KIRKMAN Unity Real Estate Partners, CEO
Gwynn's of Mount Pleasant, Owner
ERIKA V HARRISON - Law Office of Erika V. HarrisonTREY TEZZA
Find My Path, Cofounder
DeLoache Family Foundation, President