Heat Up Entrepreneurship: A New Initiative to Create Opportunity in SC Schools

We are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative to benefit schools in South Carolina, our teachers, and young people and their future impact on our state’s economic development.

One lucky teacher from selected Title 1 schools will receive an honorarium to learn and implement an exciting opportunity in their classroom! YEScarolina is expanding our reach across the state by incentivizing our programming for a select group of nominated teachers in Title 1 schools.

In the 2019-2020 school year, a nominated teacher that completes the YEScarolina online training, implements a classroom competition and brings students to the State Business Plan Competition will receive $500!

YEScarolina is increasing our statewide footprint to reach 1/3 of all statewide public high schools by 2021. Recognizing that South Carolina’s future is dependent on a vibrant entrepreneurial economy, YEScarolina has developed programs which produce workforce-ready youth who are able to create a business, grow wealth, and impact economic development. Programs such as this are in desperate need at this time. South Carolina schools, ranking 48th in the nation, are amidst an educational crisis highlighted by stark contrasts in public education. Among the many differences is the disparity of opportunity afforded to schools in affluent neighborhoods versus high poverty districts.

In YEScarolina’s most recent data collection, we’ve found that 86% of alumni want to be entrepreneurs, with 39% currently owning a business. Additional evidence of effectiveness includes increases in business knowledge, leadership skills, occupational aspirations, college attendance and belief in one’s ability to control their future circumstances.

High School Principals, with input from district CATE Directors, from selected schools will nominate one teacher for the opportunity to Heat Up Entrepreneurship across the state. They may nominate an entrepreneurship teacher or a cross-curricular teacher (i.e.- An engineering teacher adding an entrepreneurship unit to their classroom). While implementing, teachers from this initiative will have access to technical assistance and mentorship from veteran entrepreneurship teachers who are part of the YEScarolina Council of Educators (below). This technical assistance from a local mentor will begin to address entrepreneurship teacher retention.

YEScarolina is currently working with schools shown in blue. We have selected seven Title 1 schools (high poverty, low performing) from each of the 7 Congressional Districts statewide, evenly expanding to 49 additional schools across the state. This is the difference one year will make.

Find out which schools in your town have been selected, and encourage them to nominate a teacher by May 31, 2019! Get a closer look at the map at the link below.