Student Profile: Caleb Milligan



Business: Caleb Alexander Magic


After performing at the 2016 Coastal Carolina Fair, we checked in with Caleb about his experience. Check out what he had to say below!

“I just signed with Variety Attractions, the nation’s top fair talent agency. Is it surreal to see my name on the same roster next to icons like Jeff Dunham and Blake Shelton? Of course. But everyone sees the fruits of the labor. No one sees the 2 years of intense patience and persistence that it took to get this national agency’s attention.

But that’s entrepreneurship. I had a dream of touring nationally. But there came a time where I had to stop dreaming, find a way to make it practical, and start executing.

I get asked a lot how I’m able to make big moves like signing with this national agency. All the drive, focus, and hustle solely comes from doing one thing and that’s it. For me, this is literally all I do. I cannot express that enough.

In life, there’s so many things that can drive you off from the one thing that you want to do. I just keep my head down and only worry about the job at hand. No hype, just work. It’s about having one thing and doing that well and not being worried about what other people think.

That’s been my “secret” to all the success that I’ve had. And I credit it to YEScarolina. This is just the beginning.”