Student Profile: Connor Simonson


Connor Simonson

Business: Professional Lacrosse Stringing & Dying Services
Age: 18
Community: Mount Pleasant, SC – Wando High School
Teacher: Mrs. Courtney Worley

How and when did you hear about YEScarolina?

“When I signed up for classes senior year I wanted to take the minimum number of classes possible. My mother did not approve of this and once she saw my schedule, she made me sign up for one more class. By the time I made it into the counselor’s office, there were only two classes left for me. I thought that entrepreneurship sounded like the more interesting of the two, so I signed up. I walked in the first day, not knowing what to expect, and listened to Mrs.Worley’s little class introduction. When she said “You will be writing a full business plan and making a full business plan presentation,” I had no idea what to expect, but it didn’t sound too bad. She went on to tell the entire class that at the end there would be an in-class competition and the winner would get money. Now she had my attention. Then she introduced the YEScarolina regional and state business plan competitions, and the fact that I could win even more money. Essentially you could win money for doing what the class required you to do. I believed that I could win the class competition, but I never expected to win both the regional and state competitions. After being successful in both the class and the competitions, it gave me the confidence to believe in myself as an entrepreneur. is was when Deep Fried Dyes was born, and for that I will forever be grateful to Mrs. Worley and YEScarolina.”


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