2015 Kathy Elsner Spirit Scholarship Award










Proud to announce the 2015 Kathy Elsner Scholarship Award for $2,500 was presented to an alumna, Aquila Brown, at the 6th ANnual Gala. Aquila is currently a freshman at Charleston Southern University and has said that YEScarolina has forever changed her life. jwkpec-0531

Kathy Elsner, founding YEScarolina board member and fearless ringleader of our annual gala fundraiser, passed away December 8, 2013 at the age of 42. The annual “Kathy Elsner Spirit Scholarship” will cement her legacy and forever remind us of Kathy’s selfless dedication and persistence in creating something that no one else thought possible.

This scholarship is being awarded in Kathy’s honor to a YEScarolina student that demonstrates the persistent, focused, and enthusiastic spirit that Kathy so richly demonstrated in creating the gala and serving on the Board. This annual scholarship will help a YEScarolina student attend college, gain a first class education, and pursue the life of their dreams. Kathy’s selfless sacrifice made all the difference. For generations ahead, students, teachers, and members of the community will come together every fall to celebrate youth entrepreneurship and raise money to keep our vital programs alive.

Kathy Elsner