The Power of Appreciation

Ron Motley, founder of Motley Rice, LLC and The Mark Elliott Motley Foundation has been a philanthropist for YEScarolina and various other organizations for years.  He is passionate about education and entrepreneurship and has funded the higher education of countless young people.

Motley Rice, LLC and The Mark Elliott Motley Foundation provided the funding for our series of in-school, county and statewide business plan competitions in 2012.

One special student who participated in these competitions took it upon himself to send Ron a handwritten thank you card.  It was the first time – in all his years of giving – that Ron had received a thank you card from a student he was helping.  The impact that simple gesture had was tremendous.

Ron recently check in with us regarding the thoughtful student’s college plans.  The student is on scholarship for his freshman year; Ron said he would like to help with the following years.

It’s incredible to think that a few minutes of thoughtful effort had the impact to change this students life.