One of the Most Important Things in Business

One of the most important things in business is thanking your customers.  In the non-profit world it’s critical.  Showing gratitude towards your clients/customers/supporters can help ensure they will continue to be part of your business and they will be more likely to refer you to others.

We recently held a small luncheon to thank our biggest supporters and donors.  We had a YEScarolina student speak about his experience with us and thank them for helping him become who he is today.  We had a great meal (at Trident Tech’s Culinary Institute Restaurant – 181 Palmer) and sent each donor off we a gift as a token of our appreciation.  Though we can only do this on a small scale, we feel it  was something really important for us to do and plan on continuing this type of tradition in the future.

We appreciate everyone who has been part of YEScarolina over the years – donors, large or small, volunteers, advocates, teachers, students parents, employees.  The role you play is critical in our success and in the success of those we help.  We are beyond grateful.

What about you?  Are you grateful for your clients?  Have you taken the time to show them your appreciation?  What more could you be doing?