2000 student’s lives have been touched by Zoe Damacela

As you may have heard, we brought Zoe back down to Charleston for another series of speaking engagements at local schools.  The feedback from her visit was overwhelming and we thought what better than to share what students and teachers had to say themselves:

… I’m hoping to one day be like you, and make it big in life.  and when finally my dream come true, whenever they ask me who motivated me to do what I wanted to do, my answer will be ” My family, My Dream, and The story that motivated me the most, to go follow my dream was, Zoe Damacela.”

“Thank you for being such a motivator for me…”

“Enjoyed you at the high school hopefully my story will be as awesome as yours someday”

“i just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to our school and telling us your story !! It really inspired me to follow my dreams. :)”

“Zoe made me realize that nothing is impossible”

“Thank you so much for coming yesterday! It meant a lot to me. You are like my #1 role model :)”   

“I think you’re very special and I have a lot of respect for you. 🙂  I feel more motivated to do what I want to do in my life.”

“She was wonderful and the response was AMAZING! I’ve heard from students and teachers about how much they enjoyed hearing her inspiring story,” Wando High School CTE Instructor, Misty Rohaly.

” WOW! We have had several speakers this year, but Zoe’s message was by far the most powerful we have heard to date.  We are very fortunate that Zoe and Carolina YES partnered for this tremendous program.  Our student body is still buzzing over their visit from Zoe.  Even all the adults that were present were moved by Zoe’s story of courage, drive and determination.”  St. Johns High School, Mark Epstein

With feedback like this (plus hundreds more) we are planning Zoe’s next trip to Charleston very soon!