Reason 110 why being an Entrepreneur is awesome! Entrepreneurs can take a stand against causes they don’t support.

I came across one of the coolest blog posts this week that I wanted to share this blog post for a several of reasons. The post was written by a photographer in PA. Long story short, she came across a Facebook hate page that was bullying other children. She noticed some of the students that were behind the page were clients and had photography sessions scheduled with her. Knowing it could hurt her business, she cancelled their shoots and is refusing to photograph people who are “ugly on the inside”. You can read her entire blog post here.

Being able to make decisions like this photographer made, is one of many benefits of being an entrepreneur. You are in the drivers seat and you get to decide what direction to take your company. If something doesn’t fit with your goals, values or belief system, you don’t have to do that. Of course, along with that freedom comes larger risks. But as this entrepreneur shared, sometimes those risks are worth it.

Now that it’s time for Back to School, bullying is gaining attention. As many of you know, one of our students wrote a book on bullying. He recently turned his book into a nonprofit called The Stop Bullying Club, whose mission is to raise awareness of bullying to elementary school children. The Stop Bullying Club has sponsorship opportunities available to business and individuals giving you the opportunity to have books donated to the school of your choice and have a bullying prevention speak visit the school. Sponsorships start at just $100! You can also purchase the book here. If you are passionate about bullying, here is your chance to make a difference!