Donors Choose – Your new best friend

If it sounds like we are spending a lot of time talking about Donors Choose, it’s because we are HUGE fans of the opportunities they offer to teachers and their students. These days’ budgets are tight and resources are scarce yet needs continue to increase. Donors Choose is one of the many ways teachers can take increasing funding into their own hands (along with grant writing, but we will save that for another day!)

For those unfamiliar to Donors Choose, here’s how it works. A teacher in need of resources submits a write up including what resource(s) they are requesting and for what purpose. The request goes to Donors Choose for approval and verification of cost. Once approved, the teacher is given a page on Donor’s Choose they can share with family, friends and their community. Potential donors from all over are also able to donate. Donors can search for projects to help fund by using different filters including geographic, subject material, rate of poverty of the area or school, ect. You can even select to have a RSS feed of projects you are interested in sent to you.

One of the great things about Donors Choose, is Donors know exactly where their money is going. As soon as a project has been fully funded, Donors Choose purchases the resources and mails them directly to the school. You are not contributing to a cause only to find your money going elsewhere or being lost in overhead. You are contributing to the specific project you selected; exactly the way fundraising should be!

Donor Choose is making big headlines and attracting lots of attention. This has contributed to big named companies contributing their money too, both through donor matching or other promotions. One a regular basis, companies like Hewlett Packard, Starbucks, and Horace Mann are putting big bucks towards Donors Choose. For all you teachers out there, there has never been a better time to start your donors choose project!

For donors and teachers alike, the best part about Donors Choose is of course the impact these donations can make on a child’s life. Although I have to admit, when you receive a thank you letter like this one, it feels pretty good. Signed, your best friend – how cute is that!