Teacher Training FAQs

Who is eligible to take the class?
Any public or private school teacher or school counseling personnel. We also welcome after-school program youth directors, as well as any organization leaders impacting youth.

Why is there a deposit if the class is free?
YEScarolina requires a deposit of $100 to reserve your seat in the class. The full deposit will be returned to you on the first day of Teachers_01_jwb_training, unless you do not show up for class. Please mail your deposit to 171 Church St., Suite 212, Charleston, SC 29401.

How do I apply?
Fill out the online training application here and mail deposit to YEScarolina 171 Church St., Suite 212, Charleston, SC 29401.

How do I know if I have received the scholarship to attend the training session?
You will receive an email from YEScarolina upon receipt of your application indicating if you have been admitted, are on a waiting list, or the class has been filled. Please be sure to include a working email address on your application.

What do I need to bring to the class?
Teachers are highly recommended to bring a personal laptop or tablet. There is a heavy amount of individual work time and research which requires the computer. Please contact YEScarolina if this is an issue.

What if I am teaching an unrelated subject?
The YEScarolina curriculum is easily integrated into any subject matter. This curriculum can be used as a stand-alone class or as a supplement to your existing curriculum. However, please note that this particular training gives top priority for those teaching entrepreneurship as a standalone course in middle/high school.

What about certification?
Previously in the state of South Carolina, there was not a certification for teaching entrepreneurship. Now, any teacher in S.C. who holds a teaching license and successfully completes the four-day training session becomes “certified” to teach entrepreneurship. Teachers can earn a maximum of 26 contact hours by participating in the YEScarolina Teacher Training Program. Contact hours may be used only toward the renewal of a valid South Carolina teaching credential for active South Carolina professionals.

How do I find out about graduate credit?
Graduate credit is not currently available with this training.

Are accommodations or meals included?

Who should I contact if I have more questions?
Eva Rutiri office 843-805-4901 or email erutiri@yescarolina.com