Tips for Success for Students

Tips-for-successPick a business you are truly interested in and let your passion shine! Let the judges see your personality – sell yourself!

Don’t read your slides line-by-line to the judges. They all know what’s on the screen, so summarize it in your own words. This is especially important on the finance slides – just summarize the most important numbers on each slide.

Speaking of your financials…make sure they add up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your entrepreneurship teacher, your math teacher or a parent to give them a second look.

Practice, practice, practice! Students who are comfortable with their presentation and have practiced in front of others are typically the ones with the strongest presentations.

Learn from other entrepreneurs. NFTE has incredible videos on young entrepreneurs including this year’s National Challenge winner. We highly encourage students to watch his presentation and take note of what he did well. Your teacher will also have copies of the PowerPoints from last years’ winners, as well as the video of their presentations.