Damian Brown, YEScarolina student featured in Charleston Mag

For Damian, a typical childhood Saturday meant rising about 7 a.m. and heading out to cut palmetto fronds with his pals. Then they’d spread out across downtown, twisting and selling roses until there were no more customers. But business owners complained about the kids hassling tourists, and homeowners complained about their palmettos getting overly sliced and diced. So in 2006, the city—led by Jimmy Bailey, founder of the young entrepreneurial group YEScarolina—came up with a compromise: If the rose kids went to a weeklong free summertime seminar at downtown’s Martin Park Community Center, they could get rose-selling permits. One of the perks? Palm fronds (donated by Palmetto Unlimited on James Island) would be supplied to them thereafter. If a young vendor violated the permit rules, his license would be revoked…

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