9 Books for Young Entrepreneurs

A Summer Reading List on Business and Entrepreneurship Summer is a great time for young entrepreneurs. A break from school leaves time for students to enjoy the beach and outdoors, their friends, and family, but summer vacation is also a great opportunity for them to focus on their businesses. Whether it’s by seeking out a mentorship, […]

Student Spotlight: Christian Wade

We’re proud to have a community of young entrepreneurs that keep in touch with us even after they’ve moved on from the curriculum and become YEScarolina alums. We love catching up with them to see how their businesses are going, and how their experience with the entrepreneurship program continues to affect their lives. Today, we’re kicking […]

My Sincerest Gratitude

Dear YEScarolina friends, Throughout my four and a half years at YEScarolina, I have seen dreams come true. I have witnessed young individuals blossom into confident entrepreneurs. I’ve seen teachers grow to be more confident professionals in their classrooms. I have seen people touched by the mission of YEScarolina and the dedication to impact the […]