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Welcome to the YESCarolina online learning platform!

The YEScarolina Entrepreneurship Online Teacher Training Program certifies South Carolina public & private school educators to teach entrepreneurship in grades 6-12. Since 2004, YEScarolina has trained over 975 teachers throughout the state.

YEScarolina offers this online teacher training at for a subscription cost of $225 to any South Carolina public school educator.  YEScarolina offers the training program to entrepreneurship teachers, school counselors, librarians, after-school program youth directors, as well as local organization leaders impacting youth. The four-day intensive teacher training program focuses on core elements of experiential education and provides tools and methodology for teaching students the principles of entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the online program, teachers will receive a certificate recognizing him/her as a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher (CET). Teachers will have access to this curriculum all all materials for a 52 week period.  You are encouraged to complete your online training succinctly and promptly.   YEScarolina’s own curriculum has many benefits to you as a classroom teacher and corresponds with all S.C. state approved textbooks, activities, videos and additional resources. The online training program will also provide teachers with a correlation matrix for all units to the SC State Standards. YEScarolina Certified Entrepreneurship teachers will then become connected to a network of teachers, encouraging collaboration and support for one another. Teachers can earn a maximum of 26 contact hours by participating in the YEScarolina Teacher Training. Contact hours may be used only toward the renewal of a valid South Carolina teaching required credential for active South Carolina professionals.

YEScarolina Teacher Training Overview

This video will briefly introduce you to YEScarolina’s entrepreneurship curriculum and core principles of entrepreneurship.  YEScarolina will provide you all the materials in this online course to transform your entrepreneurship course or program into an experiential learning environment.
You will receive the following in this online course which includes:
*Experiential Lessons
*Standards Alignment with Lessons and Textbook
*Business Plan Template
*Business Plan Competition Instructions

South Carolina Career Cluster Information for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship students that choose to pursue a career major in the Business Management and Administration career cluster will be interested in this pathway which includes entrepreneurship.
Business Management and Administration Career Cluster

South Carolina Business Management and Administration Career Cluster  Entrepreneurship Course Standards

Business Management and Administration Course Standards for Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Course Standards

Entrepreneurship Student Profile

*For groups of 10 or more please contact Eva Rutiri at for pricing*

This online course is currently under construction and will be available by the end of March 2018.


  • Introduction 

    Students will be asked to watch a short video on how to operate the online learning platform.

    • YESCarolina Online Learning Platform Introduction
  • Unit 1 Entrepreneurship and You 

    Introducing students to what entrepreneurship is and how to introduce it in the classroom.

    • Unit 1 Entrepreneurship & You
    • Chatterbug Activity
    • Entrepreneur Scattegories
    • Self-Assessment
    • Build a Tower Activity
    • Supply and Demand Activity
    • Economic Systems and Trading Game
    • Business Plan Project Unit 1
    • Unit 1 Sub-Plans
    • Unit 1 Supplemental Videos
    • Unit 1 Quiz
  • Unit 2 Business Idea & Opportunity 

    Introducing students to challenging assumptions and how to think outside the box.

    • Unit 2 Business Idea & Opportunity
    • 9 Dots Activity
    • Challenging Assumptions
    • Challenging Assumptions Bowling Alley
    • Notes on Creativity
    • Choosing a Business
    • Code Ethics and Philanthropy
    • Franchise Assignment
    • My Awesome Restaurant
    • Think Outside the Box
    • Business Plan Project Unit 2

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