Executive Director

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When asked to join the YEScarolina board six years ago, Austin took the opportunity very seriously. As he became more involved with YEScarolina he saw the impact the organization has on students, teachers, and school systems throughout the state of South Carolina. As Executive Director his vision is to take steps that grow the amazing foundation Jimmy Bailey has laid while keeping intact the core principles of YEScarolina.





Vice President of Programs 

Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Molly grew up embracing her innate leadership characteristics. She thrives off of teaching, leading, and helping others, specifically youth, to improve their lives and reach their fullest potential. It was this passion that led Molly to the College of Charleston to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education, however, this quickly changed when Molly discovered the fields of business, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.

After working in the fine dining environment in Grand Rapids, Molly was thrilled to join the team of Halls Chophouse as a hostess in 2012. It was there that she built a mentor relationship with Mr. Bill Hall. Mr. Hall helped convince Molly to see the world of opportunities outside South Carolina. In 2013, Molly had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia. She was selected for an internship with a very successful young entrepreneur, medical doctor, and philanthropist, Sam Prince and was able to adapt to the lifestyle and work ethic of a different culture. Returning to Charleston, Molly continued networking with several top business professionals and leaders, including Tommy Baker of Baker Motor Company. Her bright personality, confidence, and drive impressed Baker and earned her a spot in his Seminar for Entrepreneurship. This seminar taught Molly the ins and outs of entrepreneurship along with many life lessons—the most prominent being, “Failure is your first step on the path of success.”

Molly’s path of success continued to unravel after meeting Harriett Lee and Jimmy Bailey during the seminar. From there she joined the YEScarolina team and immediately knew she was where she belonged. Molly translates her biggest passions—teaching, entrepreneurship, youth, and leadership—into educating today’s future business leaders and improving economic development for all.

Vice President of Special Events/Board Member

AngeBLAngeline Brown Leonard was born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois area and comes from a family who’s lineage is philanthropic in giving. After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in 1997, Angeline moved to Greenwich, CT in 1998 and took a job working directly for the CFO/CTO of a corporate food service company. In 2000, Angeline took an offer for a position as a PrePress/Production manager for News America Marketing, a News Corp firm, in Connecticut/New York City before moving to Mount Pleasant, SC in 2006.

Angeline has had an active role for the past 11 years as Secretary and Director for the C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation based in Illinois. Her family foundation was created by her great grandparents in the 1940’s to “…further public welfare through the relief of poverty and suffering, the advancement of education, the promotion of health, and the extension of the influence of religion.” It’s only fitting that she joined the Board of Directors of YEScarolina in August of 2014 and became the Annual Gala Administrator in March of 2015. Today Angeline is the VP of Special Events for YEScarolina and continues to support and promote YEScarolina’s mission as a Board Member. She also currently holds a position on her children’s school board (East Copper Montessori Charter School) and still lives in Mount Pleasant, SC with her husband David V. Leonard, Jr and their two energetic boys, James (9) and Watson (5).

YEScarolina Founder

Jimmy Bailey has a recurring theme in his life: People can achieve great success given the tools and the chance. In addition to YEScarolina, Jimmy served as a three term elected S.C. State House Representative and President of Bailey and Associates, a commercial real estate firm.

Since his retirement from the SC State House of Representatives, Jimmy Bailey has actively supported the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in South Carolina with the belief that entrepreneurship can connect young people to our community and the workplace. Since 2004, YEScarolina has provided entrepreneurial training to over 800 teachers in South Carolina using an innovative entrepreneurship curriculum thus impacting over 16,00 students.

In addition to his elections to the S.C. House of Representatives, Jimmy counts among his achievements five years as a football coach at Hazel Parker playground. He has served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, as chairman of the City of Charleston Recreation Department, as co-chairman of the United Negro College Fund Drive, as chairman of the Local Development Corporation, as a member of the City Planning and Zoning Commission, as a member on the City Board of Adjustment, as one of first members of The S.C. Education Lottery Commission, as a member of The South Carolina Review Board for Excellence, as Chairman of The S.C. Grants Review Board, as Chairman of The Charleston Memorial Firemen’s Commission.

Jimmy is a devoted family man, friend, and neighbor.

Board of Directors

YEScarolina- Emeritus Founder, President & Executive Director
TOMMY B. BAKER - Emeritus Founding Member
Baker Motor Company, Owner & President
AARON BREWER TD Bank, Charleston City Executive
AuburnJames Winery
PeopleMatter, Founder & Chairmen Emeritus
Halls Chophouse, Owner
LENWOOD HOWELL Southern First Bank, Executive Vice PresidentPAUL HULSEY

Bank of America, SVP, Home Loans Marketing
C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation
JOHN LINDSEY Lindsey Self Storage Group, Founder & President
NISE LOWELL Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union, Employer and Public Relations Officer
JOHN MISTRETTA Blackbaud, Executive Vice-President, Human ResourcesMELODY WEINSTEIN SHEMTOV
Mellow Mushroom, Director of Brand Innovation
King Street Hospitality Group, Director of Planning & Event Production
SnapCap, Director
ADAM WITTY - Chairman
Advantage Media Group, President & CEO
KATHLEEN KEENER ELSNER Founding Member 1971-2013 PAUL KITCHIN Anson Asset Group, LLC