16 South Carolina Teachers Graduate YEScarolina Teacher Training

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We spent last week at the College of Charleston’s School of Business, training YEScarolina’s newest certified teachers on the entrepreneurship curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year.

FullSizeRender 45Teachers from across the state attended this first of two training sessions to learn more about teaching entrepreneurship. For four days, they worked together and with their instructor, Aimee Gray, on various exercises, to get an in-depth understanding of each part of a business plan. During the sessions, they were each given the opportunity to come up with their own businesses to put a plan together for. This morning, each teacher presented their plans to their fellow educators before graduating from the program.

FullSizeRender 38We’re thrilled to have had such a wonderful and fun group to work with this week. We’re looking forward to seeing them pass on their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to their incoming students this fall!

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