Empowing Girls Through Business At Junior Girls Day Out Community Project


We had the opportunity yesterday to participate in a Junior Girls Day Out Community Project event on Daniel Island, a series of events and programs providing education, career, personal, social and cultural development to help empower girls aged 4 – 14. What a great event it was!

We at YEScarolina are proud to be a network these young ladies can reach out to once they’ve completed the Project, and were able to show a little bit of how we help kids just like them start new businesses. YEScarolina Middle School Biz Camp alums Clara and Sophie were there to talk about their organization, Keys for Hope, a local nonprofit they founded in elementary school. They receive donated keys, buttons, charms, and get other young girls to volunteer and decorate the keys with them. The keys sell for $5 at Wonderworks and local festivals/markets, and every penny they make is donated to One80 Place, a homeless shelter in downtown Charleston.

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One80 Place is a shelter where Clara’s mom worked, and both she and Sophie would volunteer in the soup kitchen when they were young. Out of their time in the Biz Camp came the idea to make kits that are packaged to sell so others could help make these keys easily. The kits include all the glue, glitter, charms, keys, and other materials needed to make the keys, prepared and ready to assemble and decorate. They’ve developed a prototype and are currently working to find someone to manufacture it. Despite being freshmen in high school with busy schedules, Clara and Sophie firmly believe the importance of giving back and continue with Keys for Hope saying, “we wanted to decorate keys for the homeless, because a key signifies home, it signifies a key/way to unlock your future, it signifies hope. That’s why Keys for Hope donates to the local homeless shelter.”

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Every quarter, organizer Ms. Kathy Jackson invites a keynote speaker and other community entrepreneurs and business owners like Clara and Sophie to participate in the Junior Girls Day Out Community Project, to share their success and inspire young ladies. Yesterday’s keynote speaker was Carolyn Hunter, who shared her journey to becoming an franchisee and owner of three McDonald’s locations in Dorchester and Berkeley Counties after starting out as a cook. In addition to being inspired to “follow the opportunity”, the ladies also had the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions covering various topics like business enrichment, money management, radio commercial designing, and business plan development. They ended their day by visiting neighboring businesses on Daniel Island to see the ins and outs of running a business.

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Check out this great program, Junior Girls Day Community Project, and Keys for Hope on Facebook. To continue with what the young ladies learned yesterday, YEScarolina is organizing a Summer Biz Camp for participants this summer. Stay tuned for details!