The Snack Shack on the Forth of July

We always say Holidays are a perfect time for youth entrepreneurs to capitalize on tourists in this great city and make some money. The forth of July seems like a great opportunity for youth businesses, after all we are celebrating this glorious country and the freedom to be and do whatever we want.  I was thrilled to see an example of just that yesterday at Sullivan’s Island.

Off 18th street, you will find The Snack Shack,  a homemade cardboard store on wheels filled with snacks and lemonade for beach goers.  10 year old buds from Porter Gaud, count on their mid morning sales to make enough money to fund additional product servings for lunch – hot dogs and boiled peanuts.  These savvy entrepreneurs posed for a picture after serving me some homemade lemonade.  And I couldn’t have been happier to see them again around 1 pm, along with an additional young sales person and their lunch servings.  Morning business was good and they were able to invest in additional product.

Everything about these kids is inspirational.  The location of their business, the homemade cardboard stand, their dedication on a holiday and the fact that at 10 years old they understand investing back into your company to purchase additional product.

Did you get to witness any great entrepreneurship stories this week?