10 Traits Entrepreneurs Share with Superheroes

As you know, 2 weeks ago we hosted our 1st annual Motley Rice Charleston County Business Plan Competition.  We spent a few minutes going over the rules with the students before the competition began.  Jimmy Bailey thanked them all for coming and explained that at the end of the day there would be 1 winner, but that everyone there had accomplished something huge.  Everyone there had proven they have learned the skills necessary to start and operate a business.  Everyone there had learned the foundations for economic stability.  Everyone there was capable of creating their own job and making their own money.  How many adults can say they have master those skills?  Can you imagine how far these students will go considering they are comfortable with entrepreneurship in high school!

Jimmy shared a really fitting YEC article with these exceptional students and I think it’s worth repeating.  10 Traits Entrepreneurs Share with Superheroes

1.Superheroes Never Give Up

2. Superheroes Always Get the Job Done

3. Superheroes Are the Best at What they Do

4. Superheroes Are Crystal Clear of Their Purpose

5. Superheroes Are NOT Flawless

6. Superheroes Do Not Seek Glory – But They Get It Anyway

7. Superheroes Help Others

8. Superheroes Can Do it By Themselves, But Are More Powerful In Teams

9. Superheroes True Strength Comes From Their Character

10. Superheroes Accomplish Huge Feats

All of our student entrepreneurs are Superheroes!