A New Year and a Fresh Start

It’s the beginning of the new year and of course you will hear a lot of advice for how to do better this year – be better at getting healthy, be a better parent/partner/friend, do better at work, ect. “Resolutioners” as they are called, will try and change things, and some will – though most won’t keep it up for long. Over the years, I have found that all the things that you do – in your personal life and in your professional life – can be defined as habits. And habits are the result of routines. If you come home from work every day and sit on the couch and snack, that is a routine that will become a habit and you will continue to do it day in and out. Likewise if you set you alarm for 6:00 am and hit the gym before starting your day – you are starting a routine for your day and before you know it, that routine will become your habit.

Take some time to analyze the routines and habits you have in place now. Are there some you would like to change? How to you plan on doing so? Are there habits or routines that are missing that you must ad? It’s up to you, but I can assure you focusing on the routines is the way to reach you goals, whatever they may be.